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LA Galaxy mid-season salaries released: Robbie Rogers salary

What's Robbie Rogers making with the LA Galaxy this season? And how are the Galaxy shaping up for the next round of negotiations?

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The MLS Players Union has released their second MLS player salary survey, and with a few Galaxy signings since the beginning of the year it's worth checking out to see what certain players are making.

The big move in the national media this summer was the trade of Mike Magee to Chicago Fire SC for the rights to negotiate with Robbie Rogers. The salary survey the LA was able to sign Rogers at a guaranteed salary of $90,000. That is a non-salary bonus figure (base is same as guaranteed) but there could be performance bonuses not listed. Mike Magee cost almost one hundred thousand dollars more, at $191,666.67 guaranteed (signing bonus spread out over length of contract makes for the funny number).

Rogers coming in late in the season certainly played a part in that salary, coming in to the team three months into the season. I'd expect at a full year next year for Rogers to make significantly more.

The other signings haven't been as significant. Paolo Mastroeni cost the Galaxy an International Slot (traded to Colorado Rapids) and tacked on some of a $200,000 guaranteed salary. He's a player that appears to be doing the retire while on the Galaxy, get a job on Arena's staff trek.

Laurent Courtois comes in at $46,500 guaranteed. That's no signing bonus, and the minimum a player can make on the senior roster. Essentially a no risk signing for Arena to fill out the roster with a player who did score for Chivas USA this year.

Jaime Penedo joined the LA Galaxy after this survey was conducted.

It's also worth noting that Clint Dempsey is getting the standard salary for a trademarked MLS star, in the five million range guaranteed. One of the only trademarked MLS stars that hasn't gone up to that range is Landon Donovan, whose contract is up at the end of this season. If LA were to resign him it'd likely have to more than double his grandfathered salary, and there will be competition in offers from Europe. T

hat's a tough negotiation, especially with another year of Robbie Keane at the trademarked MLS star rate and the possibility of Omar Gonzalez coming up to a Designated Player salary.