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LA Galaxy vs. FC Dallas: Three Questions with Big D Soccer

The LA Galaxy are about to take on FC Dallas, so we asked three questions of Big D Soccer to see what's going on in Texas.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

With the LA Galaxy set to take on FC Dallas on Sunday, it's time to get to know their opponent. Whether you call them the Dallas Burn or FC Dallas or the Toros, they are currently one of the coldest teams in MLS. Are they about to heat up again? We asked three questions of Brian Wachholz at Big D Soccer to get the scoop:

LAGConf: So Dallas has gone on a skid as notable as their earlier hot start. Is it the Western Conference showing them up, or have their been unfortunate circumstances that have hurt the club?

Big D Soccer: There's no one thing or person FCD's current terrible form can be pinned on. Going top to bottom: Schellas Hyndman has received criticism for his lack of technical flexibility. It seems many opponents have figured out how to counter Dallas' tactics that put them on that hot streak, an Hyndman has adjusted enough. George John has out for several weeks with injury, and he is the anchor and vocal leader of te back line. Michel was a vital offensive piece of the early dead ball success this season, and he has lost form as of late between being overworked and out of ideas as opposing teams figured him out as well. The reason for zero goals these past six games (5 league matches and the friendly against Stoke) seems to escape everyone. Recent interviews with players and coaches all yieldr esponses like 'we don't know why we any can't score goals but it is up to us as a team to overcome' (my paraphrasing, not an actual quote).

LAG Conf: Dallas picked up Mauro Diaz a few weeks back. Does he look like someone who is going to make an impact with the club?

Big D Soccer: Mauro Diaz appears to be one of the high impact signings Dallas has been searching for high and low. We've seen little of him so far; however his one shot against Seattle that narrowly missed is a tease of greater things to come. I can't wait to see more of the Argentine.

LAG Conf: Eric Hassli was suspended for Dallas' last match. Did the disciplinary committee get it right? Was his absence noted in the loss to Seattle?

Big D Soccer: Yes, I think the Disciplinary Committee got it right with Hassli's foul against the Impact. You can't argue the video evidence that it looked like a deliberate lash out at Arnaud, and the referee saw it clearly enough to give a yellow card at the time. I think Eric's kick was out of frustration as he missed out on a scoring chance, but we can't ever condone violence against another player. It's hard to say if Hassli's suspension impacted the Seattle game. Hassli has zero goals in 14 appearance, although many of those appearances were as a substitution, and I can't say if or when Eric will find his scoring groove with FC Dallas. He's scored against Seattle as a member of the Vancouver Whitecaps, so maybe that would have been his golden moment for FCD had he not been suspended.