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Evening Stars: Courtois at Galaxy training, Swedish loans

Laurent Courtois, formerly of Chivas USA, was seen training today with the LA Galaxy. This plus an update on the three Galaxy players on loan at Hamarby, and a California Senate decision could have ramifications on the US soccer community.


  • Adam Serrano was out at LA Galaxy practice today, and former Chivas USA player Laurent Courtois was out training with the reserves. LA has a reserve match in Portland this weekend after the senior squad tilt on Saturday so there's a chance Courtois could extend training into a trial. Signing him would require an international slot. When Chivas officially announced his departure, the timing suggested it was to avoid guaranteeing his semi-guaranteed contract for the back half of the season. Courtois was signed mid-season by Chivas in 2011, so it would make sense for his option to kick in mid-2013. This would presumably mean LA could pick him up for a half season without having to factor in long term spending. The Galaxy only have one international slot left, with their seventh traded away to the Colorado Rapids.
  • In other roster developments, it seems the three young players training at Hammarby could be given loan deals though for now it's just training. So keep an eye out for how that one develops.
  • A new bill passed the California Senate today, a K-12 transgender rights bill which would allow public school transgender students to use the bathrooms and join the sports teams of the gender they identify with. Transgender athletes are becoming more and more prevalent, allowed to compete in the Olympics and currently kicking butt in MMA. After the non-story Robbie Rogers quickly became, I do ponder on how MLS will handle it's first transgender player. Before it even gets there, someday there will be a star transgender male high school soccer player, and I wonder if the MLS academies will take him. Or if he'll be allowed to compete in NCAA mens soccer.