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LA Galaxy ship Charlie Rugg, Bryan Gaul, and Kenney Walker to Sweden

The LA Galaxy has sent Charlie Rugg, Bryan Gaul, and Kenney Walker to Sweden where they'll be under the tutelage of former Galaxy defender now Hammarby manager Greg Berhalter.


The LA Galaxy are allowing Charlie Rugg, Bryan Gaul, and Kenney Walker to go overseas (unclear if for just for training or loans, deal confirmed by a club official to Adam Serrano) and train with Hammarby in Sweden where they'll train under former Galaxy defender and current Hammarby Football manager Greg Berhalter. The club is 49% owned by AEG.

Charlie Rugg was the first to announce on twitter, writing that he packed for Sweden in an hour and was on his way to Hammarby. He has gotten limited minutes with the senior club, as Homegrown players have blocked the draft rookie's path to a permanent role.

Bryan Gaul and Kenney Walker were draft picks in 2012, and Gaul was considered Todd Dunivant's understudy until an early season injury. Greg Cochrane had to step up into the role, and Wally Pipp'd Gaul down the depth chart. Walker has been stuck behind Hector Jimenez, Michael Stephens, and Rafael Garcia on the depth chart.

There have been limited reserve team engagements recently, so certainly this arrangement will give the youngsters a chance to further their development.

Also keep in mind that the LA Galaxy picked up the rights to Baggio Husidic in the trade for Pablo Mastroeni. Husidic is currently on Hammarby, and Arena said when the trade was made that he would pick up the phone and gauge Husidic's desire to return to MLS.