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Four Star Daily: MLS All Star Game, new Columbus Crew owner

Much has happened in the past 48 hours from the US Gold Cup victory, MLS All Star Game festivities getting underway, and the Columbus Crew getting a new owner.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Sorry for the lack of updates, I had a nasty bug over the past few days that knocked me out something awful. So let's round up all the MLS All Star Game, Gold Cup, and general MLS news we can find and get back into the swing of things:

  • This morning the Columbus Crew had a big announcement as the Hunt Sports Group has sold the team to Precourt Sports Ventures. Precourt lives in San Francisco, but has stated he has no plans to move the team. The sale also includes Crew Stadium, which the Hunt Sports Group built as MLS' first soccer specific stadium. The Hunts were multi-team owners in MLS from the beginning, with the Kansas City Wizards, Dallas Burn, and Columbus Crew all under their control. That they finally can devote all their energy to one club is a good day for MLS, one that hopefully AEG will have when they finally fully divest from the Houston Dynamo.
  • EA Sports ran a simulation of the MLS All Star Game and had the MLS All Stars defeating AS Roma 3-2. MLS got goals from Marco di Vaio, Thierry Henry, and Camillo Sanvezzo. EA is going to have the 2013 MLS All-Stars as an unlockable team in FIFA 14. With MLS running against the grain with their scheduling, and with all the roster rules MLS has, it's always felt a bit on the back burner in the EA series. So good on them to do something nice for MLS fans.
  • To wrap up the United States' big win in the 2013 Gold Cup tournament, here are the takes from Sports Illustrated. Most of the focus was on how much of a renaissance Donovan had during this tournament, with Grant Wahl writing about Jurgen Klinsmann's benchmarks and Brian Strauss covering the three quick thoughts.
  • It's fun seeing how much Kansas City is getting into hosting the MLS All-Star Game. The turnout for the Macklemore concert was impressive, and we've got three articles here from the local paper on the festivities. Unlike LA and New York, where MLS events are just one of many going on, Kansas City is viewing this as a moment in the sun. Having AS Roma in town is special, and the focus being put on the Power & Light district is good for business.