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Landon Donovan man of the match for USMNT

Landon Donovan, with three assists and a goal, was the biggest presence on the pitch for the USMNT. From putting on sunglasses to ecstasy in the rain, there wasn't anything he couldn't do.

Because America, that's why
Because America, that's why
Patrick McDermott

LA Galaxy fans have known for a long time that Landon Donovan is the greatest thing to ever happen to American soccer (hyperbole) but like finding 1,000 yellow daisies when you walk in the front door (simile) sometimes you forget how great he can be. When he's feeling it, he can do things like this:

Donovan got the assist on the first goal, fed Joe Corona on the second goal. Sent in the cross that Eddie Johnson headed in on the third. Dribbling around the keeper to score the fourth goal. Chipping it up for Mix and the fifth goal.

In the post match interview Donovan said the only thing they did wrong was not scoring more goals. The man is as back as a man can be. Only shame is that those goals don't count for the LA Galaxy.

Deal with it, CONCACAF. It's Landon Donovan's time to shine now.