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LA Galaxy vs. Vancouver Whitecaps preview: West Coast Shootout

When the LA Galaxy and Vancouver Whitecaps get together Saturday night, it should be a high flying affair. Vancouver's attack is formidable, but they have defensive weaknesses that can be exploited.

Victor Decolongon

With the LA Galaxy set to take on the Vancouver Whitecaps tomorrow, it's time to look at the Who Scored prospectus and get a sense of what to expect. Their statistical preview was dead on last week, with Portland winning 2-1 making a comeback after falling behind initially. Despite the predictable result, LA can get their third victory in four matches with a solid performance against Vancouver.

The Vancouver attack is formidable. Camilo and Miller represent 18 goals, Camilo and Teibert 8 assists. If Keane can't go on Saturday (a likely scenario) the Galaxy's top goalscorer will be Marcelo Sarvas in the midfield with four goals, their top passer Hector Jimenez with two assists. That's a scary disparity.

The Whitecaps are also riding their own hot streak, with five wins in their last six fixtures. Like the Portland Timbers they chase in the standings, their goalscoring proclivity has been called upon in come from behind situations on several occasions this year. The Galaxy will get their scoring chances, but they'll be in for a dogfight.

LA will likely dominate possession and create many scoring chances, while Vancouver's creative strength with Miller and Teibert on the wings could create a scoring opportunity for them.

Who Scored has it as a 2-2 draw. That's the result which would come if LA had yet another late collapse. If instead they can get their goals and hold on defensively, this is a match the Galaxy can win. Everything will have to go right: Zardes will have to be on target, Jimenez will have to raise his passing accuracy, and Rogers will have to limit the attack down his flank.

Still, it's winnable.