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Charlie Rugg, Kenney Walker start for Hammarby U-21s

LA Galaxy players on trial at Hammarby are getting a chance to play with their U-21 side. Charlie Rugg and Kenney Walker started in a match today, and Rugg performed well.


Charlie Rugg, Kenney Walker, and Bryan Gaul have been training with Hammarby for a week now, and today two of them appeared in an U-21 match for the Swedish side. Charlie Rugg and Walker started in the match, with Gaul not making the match day roster.

According to the Swedish report, Charlie Rugg was a significant factor in the match. Google translate is not the best translation service ever created, but it appears Rugg got off at least one shot on target and was active in the attacking third. Walker's name doesn't appear in the match report, though he was in the starting lineup.

That Rugg and Walker are getting playing time with Hammarby, even if it's just the U-21s, is a positive sign for those hoping the young players would find themselves on loan at the end of this training period. The Galaxy have at least Laurent Courtois hoping for a place on the roster, not to mention Raul Mendiola, so clearing up a few roster spaces this summer is a good idea.