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Four Star Daily: Wondowlowski [sic] with US soccer hat trick

Chris Wondolowski scored his first US hat trick last night, leading the club over soccer minnow Belize. Landon Donovan became the first player with 50 goals and 50 assists in US soccer history.

Jonathan Ferrey

Predictably, despite that being a major milestone in US Soccer history, all the headlines were concerned with Wondowlowski [sic] and his hat trick.

  • The Cascadia papers were on the scene, and they certainly liked Wondowlowski's [sic] performance. The Portland paper wrote that the United States rolled behind Wondo's performance, while the Seattle paper called Wondo's performance marvelous in the USA rout. So we've got Wondowloski [sic] as a steamroller clearing a path in which the US were able to follow to victory, and we've got Wondo marveling Belize into complacency as the US cause their team to rout.
  • The nation's capital got in the act too, saying that Klinsmann's plan to transform US soccer looked masterful against the minnow that is Belize. Certainly acknowledging Belize is a minnow in CONCACAF is a step in the right direction. There's also no doubting that the day belonged to US soccer. Still, not yet time to claim the mission is complete.
  • Wondolowksi score his first US hat trick. Landon Donovan getting to be the first 50/50 man apparently not as cool of a milestone.
  • In case you didn't watch the match last night, Wondowlowski [sic] came out in the first half with an extra w on his jersey. Thus all the sic.