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CONCACAFfeinated: Champions League draw tonight at five

Taking a look at the teams the LA Galaxy could draw in CONCACAF Champions League. The draw will be officially announced at 5:00 Pacific.

Hans Maximo Musielik

Tonight at five Pacific, CONCACAF will hold the draw in Miami for the 2013-14 CONCAF Champions League. Like last year, teams will be drawn into eight groups of three, with each group having either a Mexican or a United States club. Each group will have a team from Group A, one from Group B, and one from Group C. Teams from the same association cannot be drawn into the same group.

Association is a key term there, because it explains why Canadian teams can't qualify for anything they do in MLS. USSF and the CSA are the relevant organizations, which each giving a spot to their respective Cup tournaments. The other three USSF spots are given to MLS. The CFA gives all three of their spots, all Pot C, to participants in their club tournament. These are the only incidents where a lower division side could conceivably qualify for the tournament.

Belize and Nicaragua are both supposed to help fill up Pot C with a berth, but Belize has yet to have a stadium which meets CONCACAF's minimum standards for the tournament. Nicaragua had the same problem in the past, but massive upgrades to Real Esteli's home ground of Estadio Independencia alleviated that issue. As Belize has yet to make the demanded upgrades, their spot went to Costa Rica based on last year's Champions League results.

The North American spots were locked up when Club America defeated Cruz Azul for the Liga MX title. The following Central American sides have also qualified for the tournament: Cartagines of Costa Rica qualified for the first time as the Verano runner-up. Victoria qualified out of Honduras for a pot B spot, also their first appearance in the tournament, after being the runner up with the best aggregate record. Olimpia won both tournaments in Honduras.

There is still one Guatemalan spot to be filled, but it will be in Pot C.

The following clubs can be drawn into the LA Galaxy's group from Pot B: Montreal Impact, Isido Metapan, Victoria, and Alajuelense. Both Metapan and Alajuelense are old friends in the tournament. The Impact are making their second appearance in Champions League, their first as an MLS side.

The first timers in Pot C are: Valencia of Haiti, Sporting San Miguelito, and Cartagines. The other five clubs all have some past connection to the tournament. Last year's Pot C side, Puerto Rico Islanders, are currently on hiatus.