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LA Galaxy do little right while New England Revolution charge to 5-0 victory

The LA Galaxy were outplayed by the New England Revolution and head home with a 5-0 loss over their heads. Little went right with the blue, white, and gold getting outclassed on the pitch.


Not much of anything went right for the LA Galaxy against the New England Revolution, with the home side torching LA for 5 goals en route to a 5-0 victory. The blue, white, and gold were able to control possession, but failed to create any big chances.

The Galaxy sent in 32 crosses, but only 12.5% of them found their intended target. Both wide midfielders ended up subbed out before the seventieth minute, as distribution to the top had to come exclusively through the middle for much of the match. New England was able to pack the middle of the pitch, with experienced center back Jose Goncalves keeping Landon Donovan and Gyasi Zardes from getting solid looks at the goal.

When it came to getting the ball past the LA Galaxy defense and Carlo Cudicini, things were easier in the first half. New England's first half goal led to the only period in the match where the Galaxy found it impossible to control possession. However, things got much worse in the second half.

New England had better accuracy with their passes in the final third, and it showed. The Revs were able to get seven shots off from the middle of the penalty box. Compare that to just one from the LA Galaxy, and it's easy to see which team was able to get attacking distribution through the opponents back line.

Marcelo Sarvas was responsible for 14.5% of the LA Galaxy's passes with 14 of those 55 passes going to Landon Donovan. He was the offensive engine in the midfield, but the attacking area distribution simply wasn't good enough.

The Revs are on a three match win streak, outscoring opponents 9-0. They're going to be a tough team coming out of the east, and cross country travel to play in a windy stadium on turf isn't easy. This is still a result that will have a things flying in the locker room.

It's also worth pointing out that all of New England's goals were scored in the corners, with no saves. Carlo Cudicini has looked best when not having to make a ton of saves. It's not surprising that Meyer and DeLaGarza had a few gaffes starting together, but it's troubling that Cudicini letting in a few goals isn't either.