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Four Star Matchday: Omar Gonzalez starts for Yanks, Robbie Rogers

The LA Galaxy are in Boston, and the story is still Robbie Rogers blazing a trail. Also Omar Gonzalez starts for the United States, and the Galaxy U-18 Young Stars squad is up 2-0 at halftime.


  • The LA Galaxy are in Foxboro set to take on the New England Revolution. The story in the Boston Herald was Robbie Rogers trailblazing a path for gay athletes (more road metaphors). Don't worry, that was the story in the LA Times as well.
  • There was also a storyline out of Massachusetts that this could be a statement game for the Revs. Certainly it would be a big win for New England, but this isn't a full strength Galaxy side.
  • The other story in the LA Times was wondering if MLS' use of foreign talent hinders the development of U.S. talent. It doesn't. If you want to argue that playing with David Beckham and Robbie Keane hindered Jose Villarreal and Jack McBean's development, then by all means. I'll laugh at you, but that's just me.
  • Omar Gonzalez in the starting lineup for the United States against Germany today, as US Soccer celebrates 100 years. Full lineup:
  • The LA Galaxy U-18's are currently up 2-0 at halftime over Real So Cal. A victory would secure the division for the Junior Stars. At last I saw, Raul Mendiola didn't start but was about to come on for LA. Thanks to @acosta19LA and @macabre121 who were out there supporting the younguns.