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US Soccer releases poster for World Cup Qualifier in Sandy, Utah

US Soccer has released a match specific poster for each World Cup Qualifier. For the match in Sandy, Utah against Honduras, the local artist has based his poster on a popular jaywalking campaign.


The United States takes on Honduras in Sandy, Utah on Tuesday and US Soccer has released another match specific poster. Once again they've partnered with a local artist. I admit, I was curious as to what Salt Lake City had to offer in the arts department. Whereas Seattle had a pretty cool grunge poster, Utah's poster references a popular civic campaign.


There's nothing wrong with a civic campaign becoming pop art. The I Love New York series began as a 1977 tourism campaign, referring to the entire state not just the city. There's even a song. Don't Mess with Texas has also sold a lot of t-shirts, and it began as an anti-litering campaign.

Still, Nashville got country music posters, Seattle got grunge rock posters, and Salt Lake City got a "look both ways before crossing the street poster". Which even then would be forgivable if it weren't entirely a play on one of the most trite criticisms of soccer rolled out every time an NFL beat writer wants to put down the sports very existence.

Great colors though.