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Landon Donovan and LA Galaxy defeat Philadelphia Union 4-1

Landon Donovan had two assists and a goal as the LA Galaxy ran over the Union with their ground game. It was impressive to watch in what had to be a statement game for the Galaxy star.


Perhaps it was directly in response to the rumors this week that Landon Donovan wouldn't be called up to the United States men's national team that sparked the man, but his performance tonight directly led to a 4-1 LA Galaxy victory. Certainly Donovan knows he has to be in form, and he showed just what he can do when he's feeling it tonight notching a goal and two assists over ninety plus minutes of work.

Donovan was directly involved in the Galaxy's first goal, sending in the corner kick that bounced off Philadelphia Union goalkeeper's face. He won't get an assist for that, but after Philadelphia equalized Donovan was able to assist two goals and then score one of his own. All of the Galaxy's three second half goals came on plays on the ground in the box.

It was instance after instance of Donovan bring defenders to him the dishing off to the wide open offensive player. His aggressiveness opened up passing lanes. On the Keane goal he got two defenders to step to him then slid the ball easily to Keane. Again on the Jimenez goal, no defender was even looking at the right flank as Donovan dribbled toward the middle.

Keane was able to return the favor, on a breakaway drawing two defenders then splitting them with his pass for the fourth goal of the night.

There was some sloppy play throughout the match, but it was a good response after a poor effort in Vancouver. Getting even just a point on the capper in New York would make this road trip a success. This was one of the Galaxy's matches in hand, and they handled it quite professionally.

Donovan was the clear man of the match. He can only hope Jurgen Klinsmann was watching.