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Four Star Daily: LA Galaxy defeat Kansas City, today's MLS matches

A look at the story lines that emerged from the Galaxy defeat of Kansas City, as well as previews of today's MLS match-ups.


Some morning recaps to go with your Honey Nut Cherios

  • In Los Angeles, the story was the spark that Landon Donovan contributed and how that spark pushed the Galaxy toward a 2-0 victory. All eyes were on Donovan's fluorescent green Nike boots, and he was able to make the most of his first start at the Home Depot Center. Donovan did play 27 minutes in from of home fans against Monterrey.
  • In Kansas City, the story was LA capitalizing on the missed call. No sense of ambiguity there as the loss is blamed solely on an incident of the ball touching Sarvas' hand (which honestly there is room to argue it was ball to hand), and then Kansas City's wear legs catching up to them as things continued on.
  • From Donovan's perspective, the goal was a statement. You could see just how excited he was after his assist on Sarvas' goal, and he looking thrilled to get his first goal of the year. After the match he told reporters "Don't count the old guy out just yet" referring to if he's planning on being involved with the US national team again. Certainly any reports of Donovan's demise were premature.
  • Two matches today as Philadelphia take on DC on ESPN2, and then the Earthquakes take on the Portland Timbers on UniMas. The East coast rivalry should be fun, but the Quakes getting the Timbers two weeks in a row should make for compelling television.