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Evening Star: MLS Intra-league loans, Gulati now FIFA Executive

MLS will now allow Intra-League loans, and Sunil Gulati is now a FIFA Executive. That and we look at who's available for the Galaxy on Saturday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Some evening links to tide us over until morning

  • There were some important stories to break today while most of the country is tethered to the news coming out of Boston. In MLS, teams will now be allowed to loan players to and from other MLS clubs. The stated goal was to give young, reserve league players a chance to get MLS minutes rather than be stuck on a bench.
  • The system has been quietly in place since early 2013, and only players under 24 are eligible for loan. These loans have to be executed within the primary transfer window (which ends May 6th.), and last through the end of the MLS season. There's no limit on loans and the terms are subject to negotiation between clubs.
  • In US Soccer news, Sunil Gulati has been elected to the FIFA Executive Committee. He'll serve a four year term in the Exco where he'll set places and dates for FIFA tournaments, and the number of teams competing from each federation. The 2026 and 2030 World Cups are the next tournaments to be awarded.
  • Looking at who's available for the Galaxy tomorrow - Dunivant, Franklin, and Keane all practiced with the team today. Donovan at left mid and Magee at right mid with Keane and McBean up top is a real posibility. Magee could also start up top with Cochrane in the middle, but that's a bit riskier. Jose Villarreal's shoulder injury is lingering, leaving him questionable and unlikely to go.