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MLS Fantasy and Castrol Index update: Mike Magee is king

Mike Magee is currently tops in the Castrol Index and the top Fantasy point earner. Can he keep up the work through the weekend?


The LA Galaxy's Mike Magee climbed back to the top of the cumulative Castrol Index even though the Galaxy weren't in action last weekend. Jack McBean climbed with him, now second on the cumulative list. New England's Matt Reis is only nine points behind Magee, so there could be another switch this weekend.

Strangely, there's currently correlation between the top three fantasy players in points per game and the top of the Castrol Index. Magee, Reis, and Graham Zusi are the top three fantasy players thus far, with Magee raking in 9.8 points per match. He's also risen in price more than any other player, up $0.9 since week 1.

Robbie Keane is currently the most transferred out player, as his slow start and heavy price tag ($10.5 with only 1 point in the last three rounds) have folk moving on. He's gonna get his goals, and his price tag isn't dropping, so unless you absolutely need the cap room I'd stick with him for now.

Returning to the Castrol Index, Omar Gonzalez comes in at 17 right now with Jose Villarreal at 21. Robbie Keane is right behind Villarreal at 22. Gonzalez and Keane are sure bets to rise, but with Landon Donovan back I expect the homegrown players to start getting passed up.

Speaking of Donovan, he's available for $9.8 if you're willing to take the risk. If you've got room on the bench, that's a savings once Donovan starts churning out 10 points a match.