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Four Star Daily: Monterrey, U2, and NBC Sports

The LA Galaxy lost to Monterrey, were compared to U2, and will be available for streaming if you have a participating cable operator. It was a big day.


Some morning links to get things going.

  • The LA Galaxy suffered an abrupt exit from the competition at the hands of Monterrey Wednesday night and now face a quick turnaround to take on FC Dallas. Fortunately for the Galaxy the back line has been excellent, keeping clean sheets right out of the bat and keeping Carlo Cudicini from having to make too many saves. Less encouraging is how things have gone on the offensive end. Donovan's still finding the game again. Mike Magee now has to re-find his place and goals aren't coming, which worries.
  • Armchair Analyst backed up two things I said last night, finishing was the difference between LA and Monterrey and MLS is doing better in this tournament every year. He also points out that using a target forward (such as Aldo de Nigiris) to force defenses into decisions may be old fashion, but it works. Defenders have to play the man, instead of a lane. It's what Chicharito does. Whereas the Galaxy have their forwards sitting in lanes, waiting for plays to develop. There's more ball control, but less accidental spectacular.
  • Alexi Lalas compared the Galaxy to U2 at their height of precision. So that's worth a read.
  • When NBC Sports broadcast the Olympics last year, it launched online platforms for live streaming. Those platforms were supposed to be extended to MLS, the NHL, and all of NBC Sports' properties. Up until now, the only properties available were golf and Notre Dame football, but no longer as NBC Sports Live Extra finally will begin streaming NBC Sports network events to those who can prove they have a participating cable operator.
  • Today in Liga MX poaching US developed talent: