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Four Star Matchday: LA Galaxy vs. Monterrey

CONCACAF Champions League is coming to a head tonight with the LA Galaxy and Monterrey going head to head in the second semi-final. Omar Gonzalez speaks and more.


Some morning match day link to set the tone

  • "High mountains are a feeling, but the hum of human cities torture." Omar Gonzalez spoke to Adam Serrano ahead of the Galaxy's match with Monterrey. We got more on his uncle who was a defender for Monterrey back in the day, and who is a big champion of his nephew. Gonzalez also let it be known that he trialed for Tigres in the middle of his college career.
  • I wrote previously about how Liga MX scouts attend events like the Dallas Cup, Academy matches, and NCAA soccer looking to sign talent. It's a flaw in the current system that youth players can sign anywhere in the world except MLS once they start college. If Gonzalez had gotten on with Tigres, Galaxy and USMNT history would be quite different.
  • "We were gonna play the game like we had nothing to lose. Well I lost something. Someone." Yes the Galaxy are in Monterrey needing two goals to make history. So far in what's been written the team appears lose and ready to go, which can only be a good thing.
  • "You ain't got no history" The Seattle Sounders tried to do the same thing last night, coming up shortin their comeback attempt against Santos Laguna. The Saints go through 2-1 on aggregate, but the Sounders made things interesting toward the end. The reaction has been typical, with one side vocalizing this being a step forward and the other saying MLS needs to stop being satisfied with taking steps forward.
  • For the record, MLS is 17 years old while Liga MX is 70. Expectations are probably right about where they should be.