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Four Star Daily: Arshavin on target, Donovan nerves, and more

Andrei Arsharvin has been linked to the LA Galaxy while falling out at Arsenal, but most of this weekend's buzz was over the thirty minute return of Landon Donovan in Toronto.


Some morning links to go with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs

  • There was an April Fool's Joke on twitter yesterday, with Amr Zaki claiming he was set to sign with the LA Galaxy. This one looks more on the legit side, as the Galaxy are now being linked to Andrei Arsharvin as LA continues to stockpile former national team captains. He's made 105 appearances for Arsenal, but has been on the outs recently. It's worth noting that this is almost the same exact logic that links Frank Lampard to LA.
  • Landon Donovan's return was quite the buzzworthy event, with his half hour getting a great deal of attention. While Donovan himself told reporters that he got his mojo back, that he felt like he did when he was a kid, comments about Donovan's actual readiness have been a bit forgotten. More-so the reports focus on Donovan having to calm the nerves like a teenage rookie. Or simply going for jubilee over Donovan being back on the field for the Galaxy. The LA Times went as far as to say USSF must bring back Landon Donovan.
  • Despite his exclamation point featuring headline, Steve Davis also wrote about how the Galaxy were able to pull out the draw in Toronto without a DP in the starting XI. Factoring in Omar Gonzalez' fatigue, what's a bit lost in all the celebration is that the Galaxy have a very important international match on Wednesday and those same non-DPs are going to have to step up and find a way to get up on Monterrey.
  • Monterrey, even though they lost their starting GK to injury, are currently on a five match unbeaten streak and beat Pumas 3-0 over the weekend. This good run of form has Monterrey in a playoff position as a seven seed (top eight make the playoffs in Liga MX) improving on poor form earlier in the year.