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Fox Sports 1 to launch August 17th with several soccer offerings

Fox Sports 1 announced its existence to the world yesterday. We're starting to learn about the affect it will have on the American soccer world.


Yesterday Fox Sports held a press conference to announce the transformation of their cable offerings into Fox Sports 1 (link). Speed is the channel that will become Fox Sports 1, while Fuel is still rumored to become Fox Sports 2 with Fox Soccer becoming FX2.

While Fox Sports only officially announced the creation of Fox Sports 1 yesterday, programming information has begun to leak out that all but confirms the demise of Fox Soccer.

So pretty much every soccer contract Fox Soccer has left after the EPL bolts for NBC Sports next year. It's good to know CONCACAF Champions League will still have a home after the transition. Certainly taking the World Cup from ESPN puts Fox in a position to compete with the cable giant in coming years.

Delayed matches in prime time is a bit worrying. That describes much of the CONCACAF programming. It also appears the Fox Soccer news programs are safe and will make the transition to Fox Sports 1. It looks like those with soccer jobs at Fox are safe, though we'll see if the Fox Soccer branding survives the transition.