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Mike Magee and Robbie Keane continue goal scoring spree

Much of the buzz this preseason was on how the Galaxy would find scoring opportunities without David Beckham sending up long balls and Landon Donovan opening up things on the ground. LA answered in a big way in the home opener with Mike Magee's hat trick and Robbie Keane's contribution. Opta has an interesting stat on just how prolific these two have been.

That's better than two thirds of the Galaxy's goals in recent history. With four goals between them on Sunday, that's 23 goals we have to count back which takes us to September 16th, 2012. It should be unsurprising that there was a Keane or a Magee goal in every playoff game. Magee is known for turning it on in November. Going back through the regular season games, there's a Keane or Magee goal in each of them. Opta has this angle covered as well.

The two games where either Magee or Keane didn't score? One was the 0-1 loss to San Jose in the playoffs, the other a 1-1 draw against Colorado where Sarvas scored the lone goal. There was only one Magee goal from the regular season portion, but Magee was key through the playoffs.

With Magee playing up top in Landon Donovan's absence, he gets even more of a chance to show off his finishing ability. Magee's career high for goals in an MLS season is seven in his rookie year with the New York Red Bulls (then MetroStars), and has finished with five goals each of the last two years.

"Two of them were magnificent goals," said Robbie Keane after the match. "I don't think there's any luck in the finishes."

None of his goals on Sunday were simple. He had to wait on a deflected ball then volley it in with his left foot while falling for the first goal. The second goal saw him first touch Keane's pass with his right foot then rocket the ball with his left. On his final goal he chased down a Keane rebound, knocking it with his chest then volleyed the ball in with his left foot.

Keane and Magee may have looked like a conservative pairing. Between Keane's dribbling and nose for goal with Magee's patience and accurate finishing, it's a pairing that can result in a plethora of goals in the upcoming months.