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Four Star Matchday: Local media share thesaurus for LA Galaxy vs. Chivas USA

Will today's match have an air of uncertainty, unknown quantities, and a bit of mystery and tension? It's LA noir in this edition of the SuperClasico, but it'll take more than smoke and mirrors to get the victory.

Ric Tapia

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  • This morning's match previews have a bit of similarity to them. We'll start with the LA Times, which feels the match between the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA has an air of uncertainty surrounding it. Like the match is being played in a bit of a fog, where Galaxy players aren't exactly sure what to expect.
  • The Daily News used SuperClasico instead of Galaxy-Chivas USA, and went with unknown quantities for their descriptor. Instead of the match being played in a relative fog, now it's being played without knowing exactly what each club has. Except now instead of longshoreman feeling uncertain about what's in boxes, they just don't know what's inside them.
  • Our friend LAGalaxyInsider was a bit more playful with his thesaurus. Mystery awaits the Galaxy and Chivas USA! Like the Great Wizard of Oz there's a bit of wonderment and tension about what awaits fans at the SuperClasico. To quote Oscar Wilde, "The suspense is terrible, I hope it will last"
  • Yes I know that quote was used in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, like half Willy Wonka's dialogue came from Oscar Wilde.
  • What do you need to know about today's match? The Galaxy are 16-4-5 all time in the SuperClasico with a 21+ goal differential. LA have won 8 of the last 9 league meetings dating back to 2009. Chivas' SuperClasico victory last year was their first since 2007.
  • Keys? Chivas need good play from Oswaldo Minda and Juan Agudelo. Agudelo will be the main target for the Galaxy center backs today. On the offensive end for the Galaxy, we'll have to see if Chivas stick with the three man back line. If they do, LA has the speed to spread those defenders apart which makes space for Robbie Keane and whomever partners with him up top.
  • For more on that, check out this video with Matt Doyle breaking down both teams.