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Four Star Daily: 10 hours of MLS Rivalry Week coverage on NBC nets

NBC and MLS have teamed up for wall to wall rivalry week coverage, while old friend Chad Barrett tries to bring a little toughness to the New England Revolution.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Some brunch links to get your day started.

  • In case you haven't heard already, MLS and NBC have teamed up to provide 10 uninterrupted hours of coverage. It's all a part of rivalry week, with New York Red Bulls vs. D.C. United already having kicked off on NBC over-the-air broadcast.
  • The cross platform offering will continue on NBC Sports with three matches total being shown nationally. NBC will also premier a 21/2 hour studio show called The Breakaway which is being compared to NFL Redzone. It will cut in to four matches that kick off between four and six pacific.
  • Rivalry week is being praised in the national media, as MLS tries to show that its product has the passionate fan bases that other leagues are known for. This Sporting News article concedes that while other leagues have built in rivalries due to location (the 11 first division teams in Buenos Aires, or the 5 first division teams in London), MLS has had to try harder.
  • Old friend Chad Barrett got on with the New England Revolution after returning from his overseas loan. Manager Jay Heaps tells ESPNFC that he's tried to make his team tougher while also trying to keep better composure on the sidelines. He hopes veterans like Barrett can bring out his team's aggressive side.