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Four Star Daily: Switching from Champions League to Chivas

The LA Galaxy have a huge match coming up against Monterrey, but with three MLS match between then and now they'll have to regain their focus and not drop points.

George Frey

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  • The LA Galaxy and Seattle Sounders have each reached the semi-finals of the CONCACAF Champions League. Jeff Carisle points out that while Seattle and LA are both deep benched teams, and the schedule is as favorable as it can be, they're facing two Mexican teams who have a history of taking this competition quite seriously.
  • Speaking of Monterrey, Scott French has the Galaxy players opinions on facing the two time champions. The players all acknowledge how difficult it is to play in Monterrey, who have lost just three times in thirty games over the past three CONCACAF Champions Leagues.
  • Switching to the match at hand against Chivas USA, Nicholas Rosano pegs the SuperClasico as a clash of styles. Both clubs are in a bit of flux, with the Galaxy sticking with the ground game over long balls and Chivas trying an unorthodox formation in the back. Rosano likens it to the gap between US/British style soccer and Mexican style soccer.
    Whether or not Chivas USA is a good warmup for the style of soccer the Galaxy will see in CONCACAF Champions League, the next month is important for the Galaxy. Each match is a chance to gain fitness, which LA is already behind on with Liga MX already on week 10.
    At the moment Monterrey have only gotten 13 points from 10 matches. In Champions League play they've had a relatively easy road to the semi-finals, with a group unable to score a goal on the club. Monterrey cruised to the semi-finals against the lowest of the group winners, their right after cruising through their group.
    With such a big Champions League tie coming up, the Galaxy will have to refocus and not drop points in the three matches the Galaxy still have to play this month, including their first MLS road match in Toronto on March 30th.