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MLS Fantasy Update: Robert Ernshaw Player of the Week

Toronto FC Forward Robert Ernshaw earned MLS Player of the Week for his brace in his second MLS appearance. He was also the top fantasy earner last week.


Thus far fantasy player of the week has been a simple equation. Some forward, say Mike Magee or Robert Ernshaw, will score multiple goals and earn MLS Player of the Week. This goalscoring forward will be the top point earner of the fantasy week and those who had him starting will reap benefits.

With goals bringing in five points in MLS fantasy, consistent goal scorers are a prized commodity. As such, forwards are fairly expensive, so selecting the right one is paramount. Because this week's top point earner only earned two points for going the full 90 last week, and last week's top point getter had the week off.

Those who picked up Ernshaw out of the gate (only 3.8% of users) may have gotten a sweet deal. He's currently at $7.5 dollars which is still a reasonable pickup for a forward.

Now while Ernshaw's 12 points looks great against this round's competition, but also keep in mind that Robbie Keane was able to pick up 11 points last week with one less goal. Forwards who get assists (as Keane did last week) and are good passers (1 point for creating a big chance, 1 point for every three key passes) can make up points even if they don't score a goal.

Chris Wondolowski ended up with 208 points generated in MLS Fantasy last year. Not surprising as he tied the MLS record for goals, but Robbie Keane was right on his tail with 204 even though he scored five fewer goals (a 25 point handicap). Graham Zusi, with only 5 goals, was worth just as much as Wondolowski.

So my summary on forwards? Spend money on midfielders instead.