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Robbie Keane signs two year contract extension with LA Galaxy

The Galaxy's leading goalscorer in 2012 will be back for three more seasons, the striker told Sky Sports this morning.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Robbie Keane has stated in an interview with Sky Sports not only will he not be going to QPR on loan this offseason, but he has signed a two year contract extension to stay with the LA Galaxy through 2015.

Keane's loan was rumored after Harry Redknapp went on record saying Keane was one of his targets for a loan this transfer season. Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan both went on loan last offseason, and the resultant fatigue is credited as part of the Galaxy's slow start.

"It's been a long season, with the Euros and what have you. I've a few little niggles that need to be sorted out so I don't think at this moment in time it would be right for me to go anywhere."

The contract extension comes at a very interesting time with David Beckham leaving, Landon Donovan on walkabout, and rumors that Frank Lampard could sign with the Galaxy at any moment. Not to read too much into good news, but this signing is a positive sign that Donovan is returning and that the Galaxy are going to fill that third DP slot sometime this year.

Keane was the Galaxy MVP last season, the Golden Boot winner, and the Castrol Index Player of the Year. He's been a brilliant return on the DP investment.

Update: Patrick Johnston reminds us that Keane has a postseason Match Impact Rating of 58.75, which was well above his regular season MIR of 43.6. Thierry Henry took the regular season MIR with 47.8, so Keane really incendiary in the playoffs for the Galaxy.