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Christian Wilhelmsson Confirmed an LA Galaxy Person of Interest

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Scoops McGee over at LA Galaxy Insider, was able to get confirmation that Christian Wilhelmsson is indeed a person of interest for the LA Galaxy. The 32 year old Swedish striker Wilhelmsson had been practicing with the Galaxy last week, and is currently out of contract last playing with Al-Hilal FC in Saudi Arabia.

"Christian is a player that we are interested in," said Bruce Arena in a statement, "and that we have in training with us right now. Should an official arrangement be reached we will make an appropriate announcement at that time."

The story began to break when Wilhelmsson's wife Oksana, a Soviet born model and reality tv contestant, tweeted a photo (since taken down) of Wilhelmsson's locker in the Galaxy locker room. While a number and a locker seems like a done deal, there's still work to be done before this is etched in stone.

Wilhelmsson being out of contract allows him to circumvent the transfer deadline, and the Galaxy freed up a good deal of money sending Chad Barrett overseas. It was expected that cap space would be used to bring someone in, and this would certainly be a splashy move.

Worth considering is just how well Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan have played together over the last few months. Still, with Donovan out, the Galaxy have still managed to score goals, and the attack would be extremely potent with two national team level strikers. Having Donovan, Beckham, and Juninho who can all score from the midfield, well

I just got goosebumps.