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MLS Match Impact Rating Top 10, July 18: Thierry Henry Holds Off Chris Wondolowski

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The MLS Match Impact Rating* Top 10 is back. LA Galaxy fans get to see a player in the Top 10 for the first time this season thanks to that wild 5-3 over Portland. Thierry Henry is still at the top of the standings, but will he still be there after today's matches? The rest of the leaders are below (min. 850 minutes played).

MLS 2012 Leaders
Player Team MIR PTS/90
Thierry Henry NY 58.9 1.33
Chris Wondolowski SJ 51.9 1.17
Chris Pontius DC 48.4 0.85
Javier Morales RSL 46 0.49
Landon Donovan LA 46 0.80
Fredy Montero SEA 43.4 0.54
Blas Perez DAL 43.2 0.65
Saer Sene NE 42.7 0.68
Davy Arnaud MON 41.4 0.33
Steven Lenhart SJ 40.1 0.61

Discussion below the jump.

Henry's play has been declining for awhile now but his early pace keeps him at the top of the heap for now. Chris Wondolowski is looking like he will break Roy Lassiter's goal scoring record (27, 1996) and he could lead the standings soon if his pace holds. Chris Pontius has been impressive as well and efficient to boot. Pontius leads all scorers in MLS who have scored at least six goals with a scoring chance percentage of 28.13%. Only Gabriel Gomez has a higher percentage (35.7%) of guys who have scored five or more goals. Javier Morales remains in the top five by drawing 3.04 fouls per 90 minutes to go with his 0.49 points per 90. Landon Donovan checks in at No. 5 with 0.80 points per 90 and nearly two fouls drawn per 90. Fredy Montero is only scoring on 6.6% of his shots but has more than 0.50 points per 90 and draws almost three fouls per 90. Blas Perez (still injured) and Saer Sene have similar totals in points per 90 and scoring chance percentage but Perez draws slightly more fouls per 90. Arnaud has a respectable 0.33 points per 90 but he is third in MLS in fouls drawn per 90 (3.04). Lenhart causes a lot of fouls but also draws more than two fouls per 90 to go with 0.61 points per 90.

Top MIR Performances last week:

#1 Chris Wondolowski, SJ vs. RSL: 159.17 (3 G, 1 A, 4 SOG, 1 Foul Drawn, 81 Mins)

#2 Robbie Keane, Galaxy vs. Timbers: 113.65 (2 G, 1 A, 5 SOG, 1 Foul Drawn, 89 Mins)

#3 David Beckham, Galaxy vs. Timbers: 112.38 (2 G, 1 A, 2 SOG, 82 Mins)

#4 Darren Mattocks, Whitecaps vs. TFC: 108.17 (2 G, 3 SOG, 3 Fouls Drawn, 90 Mins)

#5 Landon Donovan, Galaxy vs. Timbers: 102 (1 G, 1 A, 1 SOG, 3 Fouls Caused, 3 Fouls Drawn, 90 Mins)

Keane (38.7, 15th) and Beckham (34.5, 28th) moved into the Top 30 of the MIR Standings after their last match.

*For a introduction to the Offensive Match Impact Rating, see our post on it here.