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LA Galaxy Stars On International Duty, Now It Counts

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The United States will be taking on Antigua and Barbuda in Tampa, Florida at 4:11 PDT Friday and LA Galaxy captain Landon Donovan is expected to be in the starting XI after starting in all three US warm-up friendlies. He is one of many MLS players currently out on international duty, a sizable enough group that 17 of 19 MLS clubs took this weekend off.

Robbie Keane won't be in action until Sunday, when Ireland take on Croatia in the Euro Championship at 11:45 PDT. He's the only MLS player participating in the Euro's this week.

The Galaxy's next opponent, the Portland Timbers on June 17th, have a number of players out on international duty. Jake Gleeson is currently with New Zealand for Oceania World Cup Qualifying. Lovel Palmer is out with Jamaica, Rodney Wallace is with Costa Rica, and Steve Purdy with El Salvador for CONCACAF Qualifying. Finally, Mamadou Danso is currently with Gambia for CAF Qualifying.

In that way, the Galaxy are lucky to have so much of their team together during this long break. Reserve league matches last weekend and this upcoming one Tuesday against the Vancouver Whitecaps will give the team a chance to work with some of their developing talent.

Of course, Leonardo also aggravated his knee injury in that reserve league match in Portland, so it's not without it's risks. For those wishing to watch Donovan and Keane, both international matches will be shown on ESPN.