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Three Star Daily, May the Fourth Be With You

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We're getting closer to LA Galaxy vs. New York Red Bulls, but since Thierry Henry's injury and the Galaxy's midweek loss, it does feel like the hype machine has slowed to a crawl. This despite being a primetime match on ESPN.To get us in the right direction, Luis Bueno is gonna break it down:

Galaxy's Donovan: "We can't keep saying it's early" |

Bruce Arena has always had the one liner handy to deflect criticism of his team. In 2010, it was "we were the first to forty points, the first to fifty" while folk were wondering why the Galaxy were slumping. In 2011, everything seemed to break right for the Galaxy, and Arena gave all the credit to his stars, saying they made his job easy. Now the Galaxy aren't the first to anything, and Arena's job isn't so easy.

It's nice to see Landon Donovan step up and burst the bubble of protection that is "oh it's early, the Galaxy will bounce back". It's fitting that the Galaxy are facing the Red Bulls, as there's been no better example of a talented team with a schizophrenic record over the last few years.

Sure, it's way to early to bring up things like missing the playoffs. However, the team needs to break out of this mentality that because they've won in the past they'll win again. It's early, and everyone else has stepped up their game.