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Galaxy Injury Update: David Beckham, Robbie Keane, Josh Saunders Not With Team

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The LA Galaxy have traveled up to Seattle to take on the Sounders, and there is good news and bad news for Galaxy fans. The good news is the questionable list is down to just Brian Perk who is recovering from sports hernia surgery. The bad news is the Galaxy will be without David Beckham on Wednesday, and Josh Saunders indefinitely.

The two moves won't show up on the Injury Report updated this afternoon, but the news has trickled through the grapevine. Josh Saunders has been placed in MLS' substance abuse program, and will be out for an indefinite number of games. We wish him the best on his road to recovery.

This means Brian Perk will have to be listed as the backup goalkeeper for the time being as Bill Gaudette tends to the goal. How available Perk is for game action is, well, questionable, though the party line has been that he is good to go if needed.

In the case of David Beckham, he was caught on camera at the Lakers game tonight and AP writer Tim Booth was able to confirm that Beckham would not be joining the team in Seattle. This was suspected after some comments at Saturday's post game press conference. Not worth the injury risk having Beckham play midweek on turf.

The Galaxy could go several directions with Beckham out, but the direction I'd most like to see is Michael Stephens getting the start. He's been called in for park-the-bus situations thus far this year, and he could shore up things in the back while Landon Donovan and Juninho attack the goal.

***Update*** ESPNLA Soccer writer Scott French has confirmed that Robbie Keane did not travel with the Galaxy to Seattle as well. Would be interesting if Pat Noonan is given the start tomorrow, considering his Sounders history.