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Three Star Daily, Apr 9th: Are The Galaxy Even The Best In LA?

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Now that Chivas USA have picked up their second victory of the year, once again on the road, the question is going to be asked in earnest: Are the LA Galaxy the second best soccer club in Los Angeles? There are several ways to answer that question. The Galaxy have certainly shown more offensive firepower, however the team has been so inconsistent that there's no guarantee that power can be unleashed.

Like a Mercedes that's been sitting in the garage collecting dust, or a brilliant guitarist who's spent the last year in rehab, there's no guarantee that the power and brilliance one seen will be able to rear it's head on a consistent basis.

What Chivas do have over their roommates at The Home Depot Center is defensive acumen. Watching Chivas playing Sporting Kansas City was a treat for those who love defensive soccer. Their 4-5-1 formation clogs the midfield, and there were no horrific gaffes in the back line like the Galaxy have been experiencing.

Any discussion of what Omar Gonzalez missing means to the Galaxy has to start and end with his leadership. Analysis on just about any Galaxy goal this season has to begin with who missed their assignment. Who wasn't keeping the offside line. Who isn't on the same page with the rest.

This is probably why on a few occasions now, we've seen David Beckham coming off the pitch at halftime giving a teammate the hairdryer treatment.

Anyhow, let's see what Scott French has to say on the topic, which is what inspired this whole post in the first place. And let me know, how frustrated are you with the Galaxy right now? Or is it more panic and less frustration?

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