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Three Star Daily, Apr 4th: How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Galaxy?

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Recently, the debate has raged as to how exactly do you solve a problem like the LA Galaxy? Things have been suggested from "it's just Omar Gonzalez missing, everything else is fine" to "sell Buddle! sell him now!" to "we're doomed!". It's also been suggested that the problem is more etherial, something one can't quite quantify. I mean, how do you catch a cloud and pin it down? How do you find a word that means Galaxy?

GALAXY: No 'charisma,' Barrett admits - Soccer Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
CARSON -- Chad Barrett's sharpness in front of the net was the biggest plus for the Galaxy in their loss to Chivas USA in Monday's MLS Reserve League...

I like the spirit, but it's perhaps not best to use litotes right now. Could get confusing.

ENTER: Three nuns of varying height


A flibbertajibbit?


A will of a whisp


a clown

Wow, that last nun was just mean. A clown. The Galaxy just won the MLS Cup last year, returned much of the same team, it's a bit harsh to call them clowns. There's things I want to say, but just how do you keep a wave upon the sand?

If the Galaxy are lacking in charisma, how does one solve that problem? How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?