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Galaxy History: On Thierry Henry's Hot Start, Donovan's Golden Boot, and Ruiz' Bad Luck

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Any time an MLS team or player is about to make history, it seems either the LA Galaxy or DC United are the current record holders. Much of that is the result of an early shootout era with fewer clubs and two very dominant programs in LA and DC. Last week, Sporting Kansas City managed to get off to MLS' best start since the 1998 Galaxy. This week, Thierry Henry has a chance to challenge a more modern Galaxy record.

With seven goals in five matches, Henry is tied for the second hottest start in MLS history. Edson Buddle in 2010 also scored seven over the first five matches, and the record holder is Landon Donovan with 8 goals in his first five matches of 2008. So Henry joins some good company.

Although it's five matches in, Henry has scored those seven goals over a three game stretch, winning player of the week three weeks in a row. That's just shy of the MLS record 8 goals in three matches, set by Diego Serna of the Miami Fusion in 2000.

No doubt Thierry Henry is having a monumental start. Remember though, Edson Buddle in 2010 led the Golden Boot race the whole way only to be surpassed by a Chris Wondolowski hat trick on the last day. In 2008, Landon Donovan was able to hold on finishing with 20 goals and a Golden Boot trophy. Donovan is the only Galaxy player to win the Golden Boot which was first awarded in 2005.

Prior to 2005, MLS awarded the MLS Scoring Champion award which gave two points for a goal and one point for an assist. Just another example of how early MLS tried really hard to reinvent the wheel. If the Golden Boot had been awarded since the beginning, Carlos Ruiz of the Galaxy would have won it two years in a row; 2002-03.