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CONCACAF Champions League Returns Today, Three Star Daily

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Good morning Galaxy fans. Today, at 5pm PST on Fox Soccer, 2011-12 CONCACAF Champions League play returns. The Galaxy vs. Toronto FC. Got time for a few more preview articles? Sit back, relax, and sing thing to the tune of Yellow Submarine:

"We're all going on a North American tour, a North American tour, a North American tour"

Game thread will go up an hour before kickoff. Hope to see many of you lads and lassies chatting away.

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Toronto FC’s loyal fans have looked forward to this day for over half a decade.

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The Galaxy, winner of the MLS Cup last season, has not looked good in the preseason. It's time to see where the team stands, starting with CONCACAF Champions League game Wednesday at Toronto.

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Many of the public perceptions about the star, good and bad, don’t hold up

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There are no last minute player additions being parachuted in.