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Galaxy 1, Revolution 3: A Learning Day In LA


The LA Galaxy lost 1-3 to the New England revolution tonight, but as my grade school teacher used to say "There's no such thing as a bad day, only learning days". There were the things learned before kickoff, like Landon Donovan's injuries were enough to keep him out of the 18 man roster. Galaxy fans learned that Robbie Keane was now the vice-captain, no longer David Beckham.

Little did Galaxy fans know those two tidbits would come to define the game. Landon Donovan's presence on the wing was missed almost immediately. Beckham went out wide later in the second half, after the Galaxy were already down 0-2, and the Galaxy looked better. Paolo Cardozo was not made to be a winger.

The controversy practically writes itself. Stating only the facts, on the night we learn that Robbie Keane is the vice captain - David Beckham is subbed out at halftime in a coaches decision. Let that sink in. David Beckham, the highest earner on the club and one of the best in MLS, was benched at halftime. Bruce Arena said it better than anyone could:

"If I could have taken all eleven out, I would have"

Against Toronto FC, David Beckham came off the pitch at halftime screaming at Todd Dunivant. Tonight, Beckham allegedly got into an altercation with a fan on the right touchline. Beckham has always been highly competitive and fiery out there. Not offering any conclusions, just pointing at facts.

Keane had several leader moments tonight. Picking up Mike Magee off the pitch when the team was down by two goals. Not celebrating a goal that came down by three. He and Buddle still don't have a great rhythm.

Edson Buddle looked terrible tonight. Being on target is a nice quality to have in a striker. Buddle and Keane were all alone on goal, and instead of giving it to Keane for the easy 1-2, Buddle takes a right footed shot on the left side of goal that goes three yards wide. He took a shot in the second half, alone on goal, that brought back memories of Alan Gordon.

Can't make too much of one match in the rain, without the Captain. Things won't get easier on the road to Kansas City. The odds are likely in favor of the Galaxy getting set to take on the Portland Timbers at The Home Depot Center in two weeks having gotten three points from four matches.