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Three Star Daily, Feb 7th: Bye, Bye Birchy

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It may be cold and rainy weather-wise, but it's a hot morning for Galaxy discussion. We've got links on Edson Buddle's return, or Chris Birchall's departure, and Juninho perhaps negotiating his return to MLS. Over on twitter, Arlo White has stirred the old "Galaxy have outgrown the Home Depot Center if they can't have 10k for a weekday game" pot. Do you think the Galaxy have outgrown the HDC? Isn't this a crazy bit of transfer stuff?

Bye Bye Birchy

I'm gonna miss you so

Bye Bye Birchy

Why'd you have to go?

Buddle helps Galaxy attack - Pasadena Star-News
The Galaxy didnt exactly slay the fatted calf when striker Edson Buddle returned to the club last week after a years absence in Germany.

GALAXY: 'Wiser' Buddle back at home - Soccer Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
CARSON -- You couldn't blame Edson Buddle for a twinge of envy as he watched his Galaxy teammates win a trophy half a world away. The big forward was

GALAXY: Birchall won't return in 2012 - Soccer Blog - ESPN Los Angeles

CARSON -- Chris Birchall, an honest, humble, hard-working midfielder who in the past 2.5 seasons provided the Galaxy energy and depth -- and a little b

Tricolor libera Cléber Santana ao Avaí e Juninho para o LA Galaxy | Gazeta Esportiva.Net