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LAG Confidential Projects Edson Buddle Will Return To LA Galaxy

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Like a news agency on election day, the early data is so overwhelming that LAG Confidential will project that Edson Buddle will be returning to the LA Galaxy this season. Buddle had 42 goals in 87 appearances as a member of the Galaxy, then chose to walk away from a bonafide offer after his MLS contract was up. He made 31 appearances for FC Ingolstadt 04, scoring 9 goals, but was released from his contract yesterday.

Because of that bonafide offer, the Galaxy retained right of first refusal. Which meant his return to MLS would be dictated on terms set by Bruce Arena. What Arena planned for Buddle became clearer this morning.

Welcome back #14.
2/1/12 9:02 AM

The MLS agent extrodinare Richard Motzkin, who happens to represent Edson Buddle (and Landon Donovan and several other LA players). Still, nothing is confirmed at that point. It's strongly suggested, but not confirmed. Then came this from the equipment room.

Breaking news from the #LAGalaxy equipment room:
2/1/12 9:52 AM

The photo is of a Robbie Keane jersey being sewn with the number 7 on it. Again, still just correlation to the story, but of course Keane wore Buddle's old number last year.

It feels safe enough to call. The Galaxy don't release contract information anyhow so we won't get any more information, only confirmation. As for the other roster rumour floating around, all we've heard is a plane ride. Anyone can take a plane ride. For all you know, I'm on a plane right now. We'll hold off on calling that one, lest we risk another Florida debacle.