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Landon Donovan Disappointed With Injury

Landon Donovan went down in the 81 minute in the LA Galaxy's match against Real Salt Lake on Saturday. He laid down on the pitch for some time after landing on his left knee, leaving a sizable divot. He didn't feel a pop, and didn't have a preliminary diagnosis. He'll undergo tests as soon as possible.

With an international weekend coming up, there's concern that he could miss the United States' match against Guatemala. The US are in a three way tie, only in first by virtue of goal differential.

"I think we're just a little disappointed in the game in general," Landon Donovan said. "Not really worried about [missing international matches] right now"

Indeed, it might be a bit difficult to have perspective on what the injury means going forward after such a disappointing result. Jurgen Klinsmann still hasn't announced his squad for the upcoming international matches, but you can be sure he's on the horn with the Galaxy team doctors right now.