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Three Star Daily, Jan 9th - Landon Donovan and Cupcake Wars

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In today's Three Star Daily, a look at Landon Donovan's latest loan stint at Everton. Then Kyle Martino talks the Cupcake Wars episode that I hope everyone caught. Finally a couple of draft board fofera things, which I probably could have picked out of a hat. The only guarantees in this draft business are the first two picks, everything else is idle speculation and subjective opinion. Which is fine is you're a GM, but....

Let's see what the papers are saying about the LA Galaxy:

Soccer: Landon Donovan, an American Loaner in England - Gabriele Marcotti -
Why European leagues are looking more to Major League Soccer for a midseason jolt of energy from players like Landon Donovan, and what that could mean for MLS in the long term.

Ex-MLS player Kyle Martino talks 'Cupcake Wars' - Page 2 - ESPN
Humor, columns, commentary, lists and analysis from Page 2 and ESPN.

MLS Player Combine: Day Two - Moving up and down the draft boards -

Combine: Winners and losers after Matchday 2 |