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Three Star Daily - Evening Edition - More Beckham, Gonzalez, and History

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Big day for MLS fans, as the 2012 schedule was released. Which much of the afternoon has been spend in some form of debate of the merits of an unbalanced schedule, there were other important bits jumped up in that mess. For instance, Omar Gonzalez going on loan, and promptly getting hurt at practice. Grant Wahl had some kind words for David Beckham, and MLS Soccer took a look at the effect of contracting on the current health of MLS.

I've also added a new widget to the sidebar (that column on the right) labeled 2012 LA Galaxy essentials. It will contain links to thinks like the schedule post (though there will also be a schedule widget on the sidebar) and this piece which I hope will become a living document on MLS history. As I read through old newspaper articles and old magazine articles it'll be updated, but for now it contains nuggets like what Nike wanted to name the Chicago Fire, and ESPN's various contracts with MLS through the years.

Anyhow, let's see what the papers have been saying about the LA Galaxy:

L.A. Galaxy had always been confident of keeping David Beckham - Grant Wahl -
On Oct. 14, a few weeks before the Los Angeles Galaxy marched to the MLS Cup title, I sat down for a chat with Tim Leiweke, the president of AEG, which owns the Galaxy.

Club's new signing Gonzalez in the same pitch - NZ Sport -

BELEK - Nach den sportlichen Turbulenzen blieb der 1. FC Nürnberg zumindest auf dem Flug nach Belek, wo er am Donnerstag sein Wintertrainingslager bezog, von wetterbedingten Widrigkeiten verschont.

Omar Gonzalez, George John right to pass on U.S. national team duty - SOCCER - Sporting News

The Throw-In: Did eliminating Tampa, Miami save MLS? |