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Three Star Daily, Jan 4th - Beckham Status Update, Donovan Debut

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David Beckham's return is still the main story, this time flavored with Landon Donovan instead of Robbie Keane. Donovan is eligible to play in Everton's game today, which you can see on Fox Soccer plus. Meanwhile, Beckham's return has been touted everywhere from LA to New York, including yesterday's SportsCenter, despite Tim Leiweke saying the deal isn't done yet. Let's see what the papers are saying about the LA Galaxy:

David Beckham update: AEG's Leiweke says deal "not done yet" -
Deal between David Beckham and Galaxy is not done yet.

Landon Donovan Could Return for Everton Today -
Landon Donovan, starting his second off-season loan in England in two years, could make his first appearance for Everton on Wednesday.

Beckham Turns Down Paris to Stay in U.S. -
As a lifestyle choice, the decision to stay in Los Angeles was a no-brainer for David and Victoria Beckham, who are now in middle age.

Landon Donovan hoping that lightning strikes twice on his Premier League return to Everton - Telegraph
The most pertinent question to Landon Donovan about what made him return to Everton was asked by the man himself. "When you make a really good movie; do you really want to make the sequel?" said the American international, admitting due consideration was given to the warning ‘you should never go back’.

Looks like David Beckham will stay with Galaxy - The Daily Breeze
David Beckham is coming to Los Angeles! After all, the kids have to get back to school, so holiday time in London is coming to an end.