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The Carson Daily, Underwater Edition

Carson Daily
Carson Daily

What's happening sea creatures? Hopefully you've got a big Krusty Krab Breakfast in your bellies, and you're excited to get on with the day! Are you ready? I'm ready! So grab yourself a kelp soda and let's see what the Bikini Bottom papers have been saying about the Los Angeles Galaxy.


Galaxy can soothe ills with a victory tonight | Sports | Inland Southern California Sports | | Southern California News | News for Inland Southern California
Like a nice jar of Tiger Balm, a victory will soothe what ails the Galaxy. 


GALAXY: Winning's a must, no matter the calls - Soccer Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
 The Galaxy's failure to reach the knockout stage of the CONCACAF Champions League would be remembered primarily for the phantom offside call....unless the Galaxy smooth over it with a nice, soothing jar of Tiger Balm.


David Beckham, MLS and the North Atlantic sporting chasm
"...different attitudes to entertainment, mean that 'soccer' will always struggle to flourish in the US of A." This one was just interesting, about the David Beckhamseed effort to spread soccer in N. America and just how successful it's been. He must be doing something right, since...

Cosmos making moves to become MLS expansion team - SOCCER - Sporting News

Oh good! I figured they gave up, cause we hadn't heard anything for awhile and Cobi Jones was announcing Champions League matches for Fox Soccer. 

And this one is only tangentially related but:

Uni Watch " Is New Soccer Uni Regulation a Whitewash?

High School soccer is going to require teams to wear white at home. It may have something to do with buying uniforms in bulk from overseas, some push to squeeze out smaller companies. Just made me think about how something every fan loves, the soccer uniform, is subject to the whims of large corporations.