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The Carson Daily, September 26th

Carson Daily
Carson Daily

Another gloomy start to the day here in Carson, but the weatherman did say it's supposed to pick up; like an extra time goal. I think if we put our noses to the grindstone, and if we can avoid the demon rum, we just might get through this Monday. So pour yourself some tea, just like grandma made, when we couldn't find sleep: 

Things were better then, once but never again, we've all left the den, let me tell you about it: 


GALAXY: Happy homecoming for Hejduk - Soccer Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
Frankie Hejduk spent eight ofttimes glorious years in Columbus before heading to the Galaxy last offseason, and his return was most memorable.

The choo-choo train left right on time, a ticket cost only your mind: 


GALAXY: Barrett's strike is Shield-perfect - Soccer Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The Galaxy were going to be very pleased to escape Crew Stadium with a draw Saturday night, especially after the onslaught they withstood over the frightful final minutes.

Good times, good times. Hejduk homecoming, last second Barrett goal. Seems like we've covered that pretty thoroughly. Haven't heard about Montreal in awhile, how's that coming along: 


Impact switches focus to MLS
Goodbye North American Soccer League, hello Major League Soccer.

Cool, cool. Random thought, since California and Canada have the same amount of MLS teams, should California get an autobid to the Champion's League?


Whitecaps hope to get fresh start at BC Place stadium
"Good riddance to Empire and on to BC Place." Vancouver Whitecaps goalkeeper Joe Cannon

That'll be fun, two new stadiums for the Galaxy to play in next year. 


The workers are going home...