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Robbie Keane to Miss Match With New York Red Bulls

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I've always wanted to begin an article this way...

Sources have told LAGConfidential that Robbie Keane will miss the rescheduled match against the New York Red Bulls October 4th at Red Bull Arena. The Confidential has previously reported that he was going to be in Ireland Oct 7 and 11th for the International weekend, but it was thought he'd stay with the Galaxy through that Tuesday to play in New York.

Now we're being told by a source in Ireland that in a brief statement last night, the FAI announced that the Irish captain will join up with the team for the first day of training; Monday, Oct. 3rd. This will keep him out of the Tuesday match against the Red Bulls.

It's likely that the Galaxy were more willing to negotiate with the FAI, with the post-season and Supporter's Shield neatly coming together. Certainly, it's not unreasonable for the Irish National Team to want their captain there for the full of training.

With Keane held out of the match in Columbus, it's also possible Bruce Arena has seen the effect long distance travel is having on Keane's body, and knowing he'll play in both of Ireland's important Euro matches, made the decision not to make him play in New York as well.

In the short term, Galaxy fans know David Beckham won't be available Wednesday, but then that Robbie Keane won't be traveling with the team after Saturday. What the means in terms of Robbie's minutes over this week's matches is to be determined. Certainly, the match Wednesday has more significance going forward, however the match against RSL is no throwaway match.

Do you think Robbie will go the full 90 in both matches, now that he's not going to New York? How do you feel about Robbie skipping an MLS match to go play in Ireland?