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The Carson Daily, September 23rd

Carson Daily
Carson Daily

Hey all you cool cats out there in e-land. Grab yourself a T&S, find a comfy couch, and let's see what the papers have been saying about the LA Galaxy:

So really, what do you make of the Galaxy's loss in Costa Rica? Were the Galaxy just tired? 

Fatigue, motivated foes lead to MLS' Champions League swoon - SOCCER - Sporting News

Brian Strauss seems to think so, and also that bragging out winning in Mexico against B squads made the rest of the tournament mad at the US teams. 

Perhaps you call it what it is, a loss that puts the Galaxy in trouble.


GALAXY: Alajuela win has L.A. in trouble - Soccer Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
I mean yeah, after the last minute screw job in Morelia, things are looking kind of bleak, but maybe if you take a day to calm down...


GALAXY: A loss that's a win if form holds - Soccer Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
Scott French ladies and gentlemen! 

So really, what do you think about the loss? All away loses are meaningless in this crazy shindig? If the Galaxy win at home against Morelia then they're tied at 9 points, and it'll put 12 points as the necessary amount to make it out of the groups. It'll all be very interesting. Oh, and why did I suggest you have a T&S, because move over, soccer moms. MLS now has hardcore fans! Big thanks to Philadelphia for inventing supporters groups, and of course to Portland for perfecting them.


Major League Soccer -- Move over, soccer moms, the league's hard-core fan groups are here to stay - ESPN