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The Carson Daily, September 21st

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Hey dudes and dudettes. Great to see the discussion continuing on the MLS playoff format. It seems like it's MLS's big unsolvable problem. So everyone grab a cup of tea and a biscuit, and let's see what the papers have been saying about the Galaxy. 


When it comes to commissioners, David Stern is top pick — for now -
Roger Goodell led the NFL through a lockout without losing regular-season games and with a minimum of acrimony, ensuring labor peace for a decade. Blah blah blah, it mentions Don Garber, and since we've been talking about the playoff changes, where do you rank the job Don Garber has done? 


GALAXY: Facing the 'intimidation' factor - Soccer Blog - ESPN Los Angeles
ALAJUELA, Costa Rica -- It's a three-team battle for two berths in the CONCACAF Champions League's knockout stage, and whether the Galaxy grabs one....


NICK GREEN on SOCCER: Keane might be Galaxy's key to elusive Cup - LA Daily News
New signing Robbie Keane has had the fastest start to a Galaxy players career since the likes of Landon Donovan and Carlos Ruiz joined L.A. " Nick Greens 100 Percent Soccer blog

Galaxy Notebook: Keane already in the groove |

Shake your grove thing, shake your groove thing, yeah yeah.