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The Carson Daily, September 19th

Hey kids! It's about no shadow time, here in Carson. So grab yourself an iced cold lemonade, and let's see what the papers have been saying about the Galaxy, MLS, and soccer the world over: 

One of the stories I've fallen behind on is next year's MLS schedule. I posted this article awhile ago, by Brian Straus, which included Don Garber's comments on unbalanced scheduling: 

MLS pondering overhaul to scheduling nightmare - SOCCER - Sporting News

which I think is terrible, but the Grant Wahl suggested something worse: 


MLS' regular season and playoff schedule structure needs fixing - Grant Wahl -
With two months to go in an eight-month season, it's fair to say that by most standards MLS has enjoyed a good season. The level of play slowly keeps improving. League-wide attendance is about to set a new record. Due to smart expansion, a stadium boom and soccer's huge popularity in the Pacific Northwest, MLS has more and more games that look and sound and feel major league.

Which basically takes a small problem (lack of reward for long, arduous regular season) and makes it a huge one (an incomprehensible scheduling scheme).

Soccer's long history on US broadcast TV | Fox News Latino

Sunday's match adds next chapter to long history of soccer on broadcast TV. With the EPL now acting as filler for FOX on days when Fox only has one NFL game, this article looks at the history of soccer on broadcast TV. Remember when MLS had games on ABC? 

SoccerAmerica - Galaxy stays focused, Salt Lake keeps surging 09/19/2011

You're dern right the Galaxy are focused. 

Contenders try to gain momentum as MLS hits stretch run - SOCCER - Sporting News

Mr. Mo Mentum is still wearing a Galaxy jersey.