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LA Galaxy Vs. Vancouver Whitecaps: LA Rocks The Casbah

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So I don't know if the Sheik approves or not, but the LA Galaxy ran roughshod over their soccer brethren from up north, to the tune of 3-0. Robbie Keane scored one, sandwiched between a Mike Magee brace, that would have gotten the muezzin standing up and clappin'. The Galaxy fought hard for this one, but in the end they could do no wrong. Sharia may not like it, but the Galaxy rocked the Casbah. 

So, dropping the meme that can get me killed, it was a fun game. It was the kind of game that inspired the team to play rap music in the locker room (a feat I'm coming to understand is only allowed after a game with three goals, because the last time I remember them doing this was the Portland Timber drubbing). It was the kind of game that made me act silly on twitter afterward; it was, in other words, fun. 

And the Galaxy needed some fun. After Robbie Keane scored that brace in Mexico only to have the ref stick his nose in where it didn't belong, the Galaxy needed to bounce back with a result that goes down easy. And it's not going to get any easier, with the Galaxy flying to Costa Rica and then to Ohio next week. 

Oh the goals! Right. So first goal was what @MLS_Analyst described as a classic "English" goal, getting into the box at pace and then knock it home with a one time finish. Robbie Keane was the one to get into the box with pace, with Mike Magee knocking it in with one touch. 

Then Bryan Jordan just became the master of all things crosses, as he lofted not one but two crosses that were so perfect, their respective strikers didn't even have to move to knock them in. Robbie Keane and Mike Magee both stayed flat footed as they just nudged the ball in past Joe Cannon

Here's a neat bit of trivia. Mike Magee has scored a brace twice, both on September 17, the first one taking place six years ago. Six years to the date between braces. That's pretty cool. 

Anyhow, enjoy the aftermath everyone. These Galaxy guys are really good, and they've broken me out of my going into fall soccer slump. The game is fun again!